Who’s involved?

Our systems and processes provide a safe environment for investing. At the heart of this framework is the Omnis board comprising senior people from around the firm and selected external investment experts. They are responsible for approving the investment managers for the Omnis funds and making sure they continue to meet their objectives.

We have the ability to measure and monitor the performance of all funds with precision. Our investment team meets weekly to review the funds and various investment committees meet regularly to provide an additional layer of oversight and governance.

Investment team

Responsible for the day-to-day tactical asset allocation in OMPS portfolios

Omnis board

Responsible for the selection of third-party investment managers for the Omnis funds.

Openwork investment and proposition committee

Responsible for the setting of The Openwork Partnership strategic asset allocation and the risk limits applicable to the Omnis Managed Portfolio Service tactical asset allocation model.

Omnis investment performance and risk committee

Responsible for the oversight of Omnis fund portfolios and the thrid-party investment managers.