Omnis US Smaller Companies Fund

Investment Objective

The fund aims to achieve a return consisting of both income and capital growth, which, after all fees and expenses, exceeds that of the Russell 2500 TR Index over a five-year rolling period.

The fund invests in a diversified portfolio of stocks from smaller companies in the United States. It uses fundamental analysis to unearth companies that the manager believes have been undervalued by the markets despite having solid business plans, financial flexibility and strong leadership teams.

The fund starts with a list of companies that its large group of equity analysts have identified as potential investment opportunities, and then it assesses each based on their business model, the current valuation of the company and the other measures listed above. The fund does not stick to a particular style of investing, so it can invest in stocks that may grow or appear undervalued, depending on the market conditions.

As the fund targets smaller US companies, it is the perfect complement for the Omnis US Equity Leaders Fund, also managed by T. Rowe Price.

The fund is actively managed and the manager has full discretion when choosing assets to invest in (in-line with the fund’s investment objectives).

Key Fund Facts


T. Rowe Price has more than £920 billion in assets under management and has offices in 16 countries across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Research capability

The size of the firm’s 170- strong team of equity analysts gives the firm a distinct edge.


By being prepared to invest in growing or undervalued companies, the fund opens up a much larger selection of investment opportunities.

Investment Policy

The sub-fund intends to invest at least 70% in the equity securities of smaller US companies defined as those which are domiciled, incorporated or have a significant exposure to the US and which have a market capitalisation no greater than the largest company in the Russell 2500 TR index at the time of the fund’s investment.

The fund may also invest in other transferable securities (for example, equity securities of other international companies), units in collective investment schemes (including schemes managed and operated by the ACD or its associates), money market instruments, warrants, cash, near cash and deposits as detailed in the Prospectus.

Derivatives may be used for the purposes of hedging and efficient portfolio management.