Is OMPS right for you?

When you select OMPS, you’ll have the reassurance that comes with knowing your money is being managed by teams of professional investors with the skills and experience to identify global investment opportunities and navigate the risks. Here are some other reasons to invest with us:


Five portfolios to suit investors with different objectives and appetites for risk.


Investments across multiple asset classes and geographies, which can help to enhance return and reduce risk.


Access to talented investment managers, carefully selected for their skills, resources and experience.


Managed actively to adapt to the evolving investment environment.

Easy to invest

There is no minimum investment requirement and you have the flexibility to make additional regular monthly contributions.

Competitive charges

The only costs are the underlying fund charges; there are no additional fees for the active management of the portfolios.


You’ll receive detailed information about the portfolios, including regular reports about financial markets and how we’re managing your money.

Our Investment Edge

A clear understanding of our strengths allows our investment team to place conviction behind our ideas, review portfolios rationally and guard against behavioural biases. Here are the five things we believe we do well, and which give us an investment edge.

1. We invest in Omnis funds

This approach means we have real-time information about the investments in the funds so we know exactly what is being invested in and therefore the role the funds can play in the portfolios.

2. We have exposure to the most talented investment managers

Omnis finds the best investment managers, and then work with them to understand their process. If we need to change managers, Omnis can do this promptly, efficiently and without requiring you to do anything.

3. We have access to investment expertise

Through our scale, network of investment management partners, independent market experts and in-house expertise, we are able to make informed decisions on asset allocation and markets.

4. We put risk management at the heart of everything we do

We are aware of the risks across everything we do. While we seek to maximise portfolio exposure to opportunity, we also work to reduce those exposures that can face risks in the short term. We make sure all our decisions match our views and the risk profiles of all portfolios

5. We look for the most effective ways to invest

We recognise that the investment universe is wide. We continually seek to find ways of accessing the most effective, diverse and, at times, specialised, asset classes on a global basis by working with best-in-class investment managers and fund houses.