Omnis Agility - A precise and flexible way to invest

Omnis Agility carefully constructs well diversified portfolios that reflect our investment approach.

Introducing Omnis Agility, a range of actively managed portfolios that are designed to help you achieve your financial goals. Omnis Agility actively allocates funds managed by leading investment managers as well as funds that simply follow broad markets.

Omnis Agility combines the Omnis range of funds with carefully selected Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that give us access to additional investment opportunities. In their simplest form, ETFs are funds that aim to track the performance of a specific market. For example, a UK Equity ETF might track the performance of the FTSE 100 index. ETFs can cover a broad range of asset classes and can give exposure to specific markets, sectors, or investment strategies.

By combining the actively managed Omnis funds with ETFs, Omnis Agility aims to deliver efficient, cost-effective and risk-conscious long-term investment returns.

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The Omnis Agility range of portfolios

There are four risk-graded portfolios in the range.

Whether you’re a cautious investor, comfortable with being more adventurous or somewhere in between, depending on your objectives and risk attitude there’s a strategy for you. Before you invest, your financial adviser will discuss your financial situation and help you define your objectives so that you can identify the most suitable portfolio.

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Reasons to invest

Whether you’re investing with a specific goal in mind or more generally to make sure you have a secure financial future.

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Why Agility?

We have a robust and disciplined approach to the active management of the portfolios

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Benefits of ETFs

An ETF will typically match the performance of a specific market by investing in all of the underlying companies or bonds.

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How the portfolios are managed

Our starting point is to work closely with The Openwork Partnership to develop the Strategic Asset Allocations (SAA) that form the foundations for portfolio construction.

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Who's involved

The team behind the Omnis portfolios have many years of experience in investing, giving them the skills and knowledge to understand what it takes to navigate an evolving investment environment.

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