About Us

Investment experience and expertise

With more than £10 billion of assets under management, Omnis is one of the UK’s largest asset managers. Working closely with clients of The Openwork Partnership, a network of 4,200 financial advisers across the country, and 2plan wealth management, we help people look forward with confidence and optimism.

Our approach to investing involves identifying and selecting the world’s best investment managers. We bring them to you through a range of Omnis funds, which we combine to construct well-diversified portfolios. It’s just one of the reasons why thousands of individuals, couples and families trust us to invest on their behalf.

There are different ways to invest, and your financial adviser will be able to tell you more about the options and which route is best for you. Whether you’re investing to create a secure financial future or with a specific goal in mind, your financial adviser will support you along all stages of your journey.

Investment philosophy


Although investing comes with some risks, a diversified approach can help to reduce them. That is why we offer a range of funds that comprise a large universe of asset classes from around the world. We achieve further diversification by working with specialist investment management groups that have different investment philosophies and processes.

Active management

We believe in the value of active management, which provides the flexibility to adapt to a continuously evolving investment environment. Our investment managers have the skills, resources and experience to identify opportunities and navigate the risks, with the objective of outperforming their performance benchmarks over the long term.

Investing for the long term

Successful investing requires patience and the commitment to remain calm during periods when markets fall in value, which they inevitably will. History shows they always recover but it can take time. A long-term approach gives your money time to grow, and all our funds have an investment horizon that spans multiple years.

Investment approach

Omnis offers a range of 26 mutual funds that invest across different asset classes and global regions. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and have full responsibility for the management, operations and reporting of all our funds.

We partner with external expert investment managers that we appoint to manage the investment component of our funds. This approach allows us to offer you access to the best investment managers along with ongoing oversight from our own investment professionals. We ensure the investment approach of our chosen investment managers aligns with our core investment philosophy.

Situations change all the time, and there will be instances where we will be required to change the investment managers on our funds, such as when a manager doesn’t meet our expectations. The Omnis model means that when an investment management change is needed, we can find a suitable replacement and transition to them without investors having to buy and sell funds. In other models, if an investment manager needs changing, investors would need to sell the fund and switch manually to another one, which can be a lengthy process. It would leave also them uninvested during the period and could lead to unexpected tax bills.

Omnis is responsible for making sure investors always know what’s going on in the funds. The team provides detailed information by continually monitoring each investment manager and also ensures they are investing in line with their objectives and our expectations.

The fund managers we use adopt a holistic approach by integrating sustainability considerations into their risk and return metrics analysis. This includes assessing how sustainability factors, such as carbon risks, can impact investment outcomes. By incorporating these metrics, we aim to ensure a comprehensive evaluation that aligns with our commitment to responsible investing.

When evaluating potential investment managers, Omnis focuses on sustainability and ESG considerations by asking specific questions. The questions focus on assessing investment managers' commitment to sustainability principles, their integration of sustainability factors into their investment process, engagement with company management on sustainability issues, marketing of sustainability characteristics, reliance on third-party sustainability assessments, and potential adaptations/impacts from regulatory rules like the FCA SDR legislation. These questions help ensure alignment with Omnis' sustainability and ESG goals when selecting investment managers.

Investment oversight

Before you invest with Omnis, your financial adviser will help you explore your objectives and then define a suitable risk profile. We want you to feel comfortable and secure knowing that we’ll then manage your money with care and attention to detail so that the strategy is always in line with your goals.

Our systems and processes provide a safe environment for investing. At the centre of this framework is the Omnis Board comprising senior people from around the firm as well as independent investment experts. The Board is responsible for approving investment managers and making sure they continue to meet their objectives.

We closely measure and monitor all our funds. Our investment team meets weekly to review the funds and the Investment, Performance and Risk Committee meets regularly to provide an additional layer of oversight and governance. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our approach, we work with independent investment experts.