Protecting Yourself From Fraud

We want to help you protect yourself from the increasing online threats of identity theft and investment scams. If you are concerned about a communication you have received regarding Omnis or Openwork products and services, please contact your Financial Adviser directly. Alternatively, please contact

Identity Theft

Identity theft is when your personal details are stolen or accessed without your consent, and identity fraud is when those details are used to commit fraud. Identity fraud is a common crime, and it can be very hard to detect.

There are some practical ways keep your information secure to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Use different passwords for different websites and update them regularly.
  • Use a combination of letters, numbers and other characters where possible.
  • Do not publish any personal information on social media that could be used by a criminal to commit fraud.

Investment Scams

Investment scams aim to trick you into handing over money to a seemingly legitimate company, often supported by convincing websites and marketing material.

Here are some things to look out for:

  • Unsolicited phone calls, text messages or emails.
  • Pressure to make a quick decision.
  • Contact details that are only mobile phone numbers or PO Box addresses.
  • Offer of an unusually high return on your investment for very low risk.

Investors should contact their Openwork or 2Plan Financial Adviser directly to discuss any investment decisions.

How to Protect Yourself Online

We have provided links to a number of websites below, dedicated to helping keep you and your personal information safe online.

Please note, we accept no responsibility or liability for the content or availability of any external site.

Action Fraud

Bank Safe Online

Financial Conduct Authority

Metropolitan Police Service

Fraud Advisory Panel

CIFAS Protective Registration

Get Safe Online

Identity theft