Model Portfolios

We spread your investments across different asset classes, global regions and styles. History shows this approach can smooth returns and reduce the risks to which you are exposed in the ebbs and flows of financial markets.

We blend our extensive range of Omnis funds to create model portfolios, which are run according to your own attitude to risk and timescale. Offered exclusively to clients of The Openwork Partnership and 2plan wealth management are the Graphene range of portfolios, rebalanced regularly and the more hands-on Omnis Managed Portfolio Service (OMPS).


The Omnis Managed Portfolio Service offers a choice of five risk-graded portfolios that invest in underlying Omnis funds and the allocation to the different funds is continuously adjusted to reflect the evolving investment environment.

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Graphene Model Portfolios

A series of six risk-graded portfolios that invest in underlying Omnis funds. The portfolios are rebalanced back to its long-term or strategic asset allocation every six months.

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