Omnis Asia Pacific (Ex-Japan) Equity

Investment Objective

The Fund aims to achieve a return consisting of both income and capital growth which, after all fees and expenses, exceeds that of the FTSE World Asia Pacific ex Japan TR index over the medium to long term (defined as 5 to 10 years).

The fund uses specific macro themes to drive a bottom-up stock picking process. The portfolio’s core ideas come from companies experiencing sustainable and predictable growth which may provide steady returns over the longer term, and cyclical or special situation opportunities where companies benefit from economic and industry upturns, corporate restructuring or industry consolidation.

The fund manager uses these themes to narrow down the investment universe, and he selects stocks that appear undervalued based on fundamental research. The analysis focuses on the business model, its sustainability and the quality of management. The manager also pays attention to free cash flows.

Investments can be made in companies of all sizes, although the bulk of capital is allocated to large, liquid companies in both developed Asian economies including Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia and emerging economies such as China and India.

Key Fund Facts

Thematic approach

Thematic approach - The fund aims to deliver real returns by adopting a thematic approach to Asia which focuses on selecting stocks benefitting from structural trends in Asian economies.

Well-defined investment universe

The fund targets companies leveraged into economic and industry cycles across Asia as well as those embarking on restructuring or industry consolidation.

Holistic view of returns

The fund takes a holistic view of stock returns, made up of dividend yield, earnings growth and possible long-term currency appreciation.

Investment Policy

The Fund intends to invest at least 70% in the equity securities of Asian companies, defined as those which are domiciled, incorporated or have a significant exposure to the Asia Pacific region and Australasia (excluding Japan). The Fund may also invest in other transferable securities (for example, equity securities of other international companies excluding Japan), units in collective investment schemes (including schemes managed and operated by the ACD or its associates), money market instruments, warrants, cash and near cash deposits as detailed in the Prospectus.

It is envisaged that the investment portfolio of the Fund will be concentrated, typically comprising between 35 and 60 stocks.

Derivatives may be used for the purposes of hedging and efficient portfolio management.