Omnis Strategic Bond Fund

Investment Objective

The Fund will aim to provide income and to also achieve capital growth.

Fidelity believes that an optimal risk/return profile for the long term is achieved through an investment mix consisting of: 20% government bonds; 60% investment grade corporate bonds and 20% high-yield bonds.

Beyond those long-term parameters (which are constantly reviewed), the Fund is free to invest tactically in whichever area of the bond market offers the best value. As well as the markets above, this could also include asset-backed securities, emerging market and non-sterling denominated bonds.

The Fund is able to optimise relative weightings across the fixed income asset classes, ensuring diversified and lowly correlated holdings limit the potential for negative surprises and deliver a more stable return over the longer term. As a result, the Fund demonstrates the value of a highly flexible approach to investing with an aim to perform through all market cycles and profit from wherever bond markets offer the best value.

Key Fund Facts

Focus on the three core pillars of bond investing

Aims to deliver an attractive risk adjusted return, while striking an appropriate balance between income, low volatility and equity diversification.

Proven track record over the cycle

Launched over 10 years ago, the strategy has generated strong risk-adjusted performance, while successfully preserving the core benefits of bond investing. Past performance is not a guide to future performance and may not be repeated.

Stable, specialised and experienced team

Follows a global, team-based investment approach, led by a highly experienced portfolio management team.

Investment Policy

The Fund will obtain global exposure by investing at least 70% in a broad range of sterling-denominated (or hedged back to sterling) debt instruments, which may include developed and emerging market government bonds, inflation-linked bonds, investment grade and high-yield corporate bonds.

The Fund may also obtain exposure to transferable securities, money market instruments, collective investment schemes, cash, near cash and deposits. No more than 10% of the Fund will be invested in other collective investment schemes. Derivatives may be used both for investment purposes and for efficient portfolio management.