Multi-Manager Adventurous

Investment Objective

The Fund aims to achieve a return, over a five year rolling period, and after all fees and expenses, consisting primarily of capital growth (and potentially a low level of income) which exceeds a composite benchmark based on the FTSE All Share TR Index (40%), the Russell 1000 TR Index (15%), the MSCI Daily (ex UK) EAFE TR Index (25%), the MSCI Daily Net EM TR Index (15%) and the ICE BoAML Sterling Broad Market TR Index (5%).

It is expected that exposure to equities will typically make up the majority of the Fund’s assets. However, investments will not be confined to any particular sector.

The Omnis Multi-Manager funds are managed by experts from a single firm, the highly-regarded and award-winning PineBridge Investments.

Our three risk-rated funds, which aim to achieve capital growth, invest primarily in collective investment schemes and may also invest in transferable securities, money market instruments, warrants and deposits. Use may also be made of stock lending, temporary borrowing and cash holdings, and derivatives may also be used for the purposes of hedging and efficient portfolio management.

The investment approach taken by PineBridge, also known as 'fund of funds', offers two key benefits:

  • your money is spread broadly across different funds, different fund managers, different types of asset and different markets worldwide, all of which helps to reduce risk when compared to less well-diversified investments
  • the PineBridge team choose only funds that are managed by very high quality and expert fund managers who are specialists in the asset types or markets for which they’ve been chosen, so your money is under the control of a large number of highly-talented individuals. Past performance is not a guide to future performance and may not be repeated.

The Multi-Manager funds are divided into different risk categories to fit the investor's risk profile from the outset.