Omnis UK All Companies Fund

Investment Objective

The Fund aims to achieve a return consisting of both income and capital growth which, after all fees and expenses, exceeds that of the FTSE All-Share TR Index over the medium to long term (defined as 5 to 10 years).

The fund favours attractively priced companies with strong balance sheets and sustainable cash flows, which are managed with a view to building long-term value for shareholders.

In-house fundamental research is at the heart of the fund’s investment process. It enables the manager to take a long-term view of opportunities, looking beyond the short-term flow of news which can drive market sentiment and cause disparities between the current share price of a company and its true underlying value.

The fund manager believes a high conviction portfolio consisting of the investment team’s best ideas, spanning the depth and breadth of the UK equity market, offers the potential to generate outperformance over the medium and long term.

The fund does not adhere to a particular investing style, but the manager is willing to take a contrarian stance when mispricing creates outstanding opportunities and then show patience while the wider market recognises the anomaly.

Key Fund Facts

Idea generation

The fund brings together the investment team’s best ideas to deliver a high conviction portfolio.

Pragmatic process

The fund employs a common-sense approach to investing, picking stocks based on rigorous in-house valuation and risk modelling.

Experienced team

Extensive experience means the team has comprehensive knowledge of the investment universe.

Investment Policy

The Fund intends to invest at least 80% in the equity securities of UK companies, defined as those which are domiciled, incorporated or have a significant exposure to the UK. The Fund may also invest in other transferable securities (for example international equities), units in collective investment schemes (including schemes managed and operated by the ACD or its associates), money market instruments, warrants, cash and near cash deposits as detailed in the Prospectus.

It is envisaged that the investment portfolio of the Fund will be concentrated, typically comprising between 35 and 60 stocks.

Derivatives may be used for the purposes of hedging and for efficient portfolio management.