Omnis Diversified Returns Fund

Investment Objective

The fund aims to achieve an annualised return consisting of both income and capital of 2% above the rate of cash, measured as GBP SONIA after all fees and expenses, over a five-year rolling period. There is no guarantee that this will be achieved over this, or any, timeframe and capital is at risk.

The fund’s investment philosophy is based on two key pillars- diversification (the spreading of risk across different investments) and risk management. The fund diversifies its holdings across traditional investments such as stocks and bonds that are easy to buy and sell, and it holds them over the short, medium or long term.

Fundamental and behavioural factors are taken into consideration when selecting an investment. Fundamental factors include the valuation of an investment and the state of the global economy. Fulcrum believes it has developed an edge in its use of technology to analyse economic developments in close to real time. Behavioural factors seek to measure how much risk investors are prepared to take given the prevailing market conditions.

Rigorous risk management helps the fund deliver long-term returns. Though the managers are willing to accept some risk of short-term loss, they work to minimise the scale and duration of any drawdown. Over time, the focus on capital preservation provides a solid foundation from which to deliver positive long-term returns that differ from those generated by global equity and bond markets.

The fund is actively managed and the manager has full discretion when choosing assets to invest in (in-line with the fund’s investment objectives).

Key Fund Facts


The fund invests in a wide range of investment strategies that will react differently to any given market conditions, limiting the impact of market fluctuations on the portfolio.

Depth of resources

Many members of the investment team have experience spanning several decades and they have been managing multi-asset portfolios at Fulcrum since 2004.

Dynamic investment allocation

Dynamic investment allocation and use of technology to analyse economic developments

Investment Policy

The fund intends to invest at least 70% in a diversified and broad range of assets such as equities, fixed income and cash either directly or indirectly (through the use of derivatives). Indirect exposure to alternative asset classes such as commodities and property may be sought through investment in transferable securities, eligible index derivatives and collective investment schemes (including schemes managed and operated by the ACD or its associates.

The fund may also invest in other transferable securities, exchange traded funds, money market instruments, warrants, cash, near cash and deposits as detailed in the Prospectus.

Derivatives may be used both for investment purposes and for efficient portfolio management.