Why Omnis Agility?

1. A robust asset allocation process

We have a robust and disciplined approach to the active management of the portfolios. We review the long-term positioning of the portfolios (Strategic Asset Allocation) annually, and work with our appointed partner J.P.Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM), which is one of the world’s largest and most experienced experts in strategic asset allocation. We then continuously review our medium-term investment outlook and position the portfolios accordingly, using our proprietary tactical asset allocation process. We combine a rigorous data and evidence-driven approach with expert, experienced human judgement.

2. We look for the most efficient ways to invest

We recognise the investment universe is wide. We continually seek to find ways of accessing the most effective, diverse and, at times, specialised asset classes on a global basis by working with best-in-class investment managers, which we combine with ETFs.

3. We blend active funds with ETFs

This approach means we have real-time information about the investments in the funds so we know exactly what is being invested in and therefore the role they play in the your portfolio.

4. We appoint leading investment managers

We only appoint investment managers for the Omnis funds that meet our strict standards relating to their ability to deliver the investment objective of the fund. If we need to change managers we won’t hesitate to do so promptly, efficiently and without requiring you to do anything.

5. A wide investment universe

By using ETFs in the portfolio, we can access a very wide investment universe. ETFs also allow us to implement very specific investment views into the portfolios.

6. We have access to investment expertise

We are fortunate that the scale of Omnis' business means the asset managers we appoint give us access to their deep and broad range of investment specialists. This, combined with independent market experts, third-party research and in-house expertise, enables us to make informed decisions on asset allocation and markets.

7. We put risk management at the heart of our process

Investing necessarily involves taking risk, but these risks must be known, measurable and controlled. We seek to ensure that the risks we take on our clients’ behalf are commensurate with the potential investment returns available from having exposure to those risks. We make sure all our decisions match our views and the risk profiles of all portfolios.

8. Pricing

We passionately believe that a focus on value for money is much more important for long term investment returns than simple cost. We ensure that Omnis funds are competitively priced vs their peer group and relative to the performance we expect them to deliver. We do this through our Fund Value Assessments, which consider several indicators of value. Having a portion of each portfolio invested in ETFs where this makes most sense serves to reduce the overall costs. Omnis will provide an annual Value Assessment for Omnis Agility in which we will evaluate the total cost of the portfolios.