Reasons to invest in Omnis Agility

Whether you’re investing with a specific goal in mind or more generally to make sure you have a secure financial future.


Four portfolios to suit different objectives and appetites for risk.


Exposure to multiple asset classes, geographies, investment managers and investment styles, which can help to enhance returns and reduce risk.


Access to talented investment managers, carefully selected for their skill, resources and experience by our own dedicated in-house Manager Research team. Tactical asset allocation is undertaken by our experienced team.


A blend of active proprietary Omnis funds and ETFs, managed actively to adapt to the evolving investment environment.

Easy to invest

No minimum investment and available through ISAs, pensions and general investment accounts.

Competitive charges

Omnis will charge an annual 0.1% fee to manage these portfolios.


You’ll receive detailed information about the portfolios, including regular reports about financial markets and how we’re managing your money.