Omnis Managed Portfolio Service

Investing is straightforward through the Omnis Managed Portfolio Service (OMPS). With five portfolios in the range, your adviser will work with you to select the one that best matches your investment objectives and appetite for risk – we then actively manage your portfolio.

The building blocks for the portfolios are funds managed by some of the world’s leading investment managers, which we’ve carefully selected. We then actively manage the combination of funds to adapt to the continuously evolving investment environment.

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Whether you’re investing with a specific goal in mind or more generally to make sure you have a secure financial future, your financial adviser will help you find the portfolio that’s most appropriate for you.

Download OMPS brochure - this is in the process of being updated to reflect the new Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) changes.

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Is OMPS right for you?

OMPS has been designed to deliver the best outcomes for your financial plan.

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Who’s involved?

At the heart of this framework is the Omnis board comprising senior people from around the firm and selected external investment experts.

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Portfolio updates

Take a look at our latest asset allocation in the Omnis Managed Portfolio Service.

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