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Please see below a wide range of investment content Omnis have created to assist you and your clients.


OMPS February 2024 Update & Social Media Visuals:

OMPS Update: Click here

Social Media: PDF | Images

OMPS January Update:

Jan 2024: Click here

OMPS December Update:

Dec 2023: Click here

OMPS November Update:

Nov 2023: Click here

OMPS Fact Sheets:

To find the latest OMPS fact sheets Click here.

How to upload a carousel to LinkedIn

*Carousels can only be used on LinkedIn

  1. Download the carousel PDF
  2. Go onto LinkedIn and compose a post
  3. Click on the 'add a document' button and chose the carousel you have downloaded
  4. Give the carousel a name, this is what will appear on LinkedIn
  5. Post to your LinkedIn