Highlights Video: Economic Cycle

Highlights Video: Economic Cycle

We are delighted to share our final highlights video of our digital event with you.

In our previous videos, we explored what makes Omnis different, and analysed the market outlook, giving you guidance on why you should stay invested during uncertain times, like the ones we are in now.

Our last video will help you understand that the situation we're currently living in is just a really complex economic cycle, with really distinguishable phases which can be studied and analysed.

You'll hear a more in-depth analysis from Robert Jeffree and Colin Gellatly that will help you better understand how to navigate in a such bizarre economic cycle.

In particular, we have split these last years in each stage:

  • MID-STAGE: Pre-pandemic
  • LATE STAGE: Pandemic and current times
  • RECESSION: Short-term future prediction
  • EARLY STAGE: Long-term future prediction

Lastly, Colin also emphasises the importance of stock selection and how to identify the industries that may perform better, even during this cycle.

We hope that we addressed all your enquiries in these videos and that you enjoyed our event, which will be the first of many that will follow.

For more information on how Omnis works - watch our Introducing Omnis video – HERE