Introducing the Global Tactical Funds - Launching soon

Introducing the Global Tactical Funds - Launching soon

The Omnis Managed Portfolio Service (OMPS) investment team recognise that the investment universe is wide, so continually find ways of accessing the most effective, diverse, and specialised, asset classes on a global basis.

Omnis will soon be launching three Global Tactical Funds (GTFs) that will form exclusively part of the OMPS portfolios.

These new funds will sit alongside the existing Omnis funds and assist in the efficient and cost-effective implementation of our tactical asset allocation views - giving us access to a wider investment universe to help us deliver better outcomes for you.

What are the Global Tactical Funds?

A series of actively managed funds that can invest in a wide range of investment asset classes. The fund’s mix of asset classes will change over time, within set ranges, to allow the fund to adapt to the evolving investment environment. The funds will invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and other passive collective investment vehicles.

Omnis Investments will set the desired mix of asset classes (what we call tactical asset allocation) at any given point in time, and our appointed third-party investment manager will select the investments to best implement this tactical asset allocation.

Read more about the GTFs in the Omnis Managed Portfolio Service brochure.