Sector Fund Range

Omnis UK Equity Fund

Investment Manager

Franklin Templeton Investments.

Fund Managers

Colin Morton and team.

Key fund facts

  1. Experience counts – The core of the Franklin UK Equity Team consists of six portfolio managers and analysts who have worked together for over 20 years, and at its heart is a close knit, collaborative culture. Based in Leeds, this independently minded team is suitably distanced from any potential City of London ‘group-think’.

  2. Core portfolio of highest conviction ideas – The team aims to outperform both the benchmark and wider peer group by backing their convictions in the portfolio. All stocks in the portfolio appear in Franklin Templeton UK Strategies.

  3. Sharp focus on quality and valuation – The process excludes companies from the investment universe that have excessive levels of business risk, balance sheet risk and management risk before the team conducts original, in-house research to identify opportunities where the market has failed to appreciate a stock’s full potential.

Investment Objective

The aim is to achieve capital growth.

Investment Policy

The Fund intends to invest primarily in companies incorporated in, or significantly exposed to, the United Kingdom. The Fund may also invest in other transferable securities (for example, international equities), units in collective investment schemes, money market instruments, warrants and deposits as detailed in the Prospectus. No more than 10% of the Scheme Property of the Fund will be invested in other collective investment schemes.

Investment process overview

In-house fundamental research is at the heart of the Franklin Templeton investment process. It enables the team to take a genuine long-term view of investment opportunities, looking beyond short-term newsflow which can drive market sentiment and cause disparities between the current share price of a company and its true underlying value.

The Fund is built to distil the team’s best investment ideas into a high-conviction stock picking portfolio, spanning the depth and breadth of the UK equity market that has the potential to generate outperformance over the medium and longer term.

Fundamental research and bottom-up stock selection is at the core of the investment process. The flexible approach is one of making long-term investments in companies with attractive risk/reward profiles. The team are willing to take a contrarian stance when market mispricing creates outstanding investment opportunities and be patient while the wider market recognises this mispricing.