Sector Fund Range

Omnis UK Bond Fund

Investment Manager

Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

Fund Managers

Alasdair Ross and and Ryan Staszewski.

Key fund facts

  1. Experience – the fund is managed by members of one of the most experienced and established Fixed Income teams in the UK.
  2. Flexibility – the fund will invest in both government and corporate sterling-denominated bonds, enabling the manager to add value through active asset allocation in response to prevailing market conditions.
  3. Low correlation with Equities – despite the fund managers having great flexibility, the fund will be managed to have a low (if not negative) correlation with Equities.

Fund objective

To achieve a return of a combination of income and capital growth.

Investment POLICY

The Fund intends to invest primarily in Sterling denominated government and non-government fixed and variable interest rate securities. The Fund may also invest in other transferable securities (for example, foreign currency fixed and variable interest rate securities), units in collective investment schemes, money market instruments deposits, derivatives and warrants as detailed in the Prospectus. No more than 10% of the Scheme Property of the Fund will be invested in other collective investment schemes.

Use may also be made of stock lending, temporary borrowing and cash holdings. Derivatives may also be used for the purposes of hedging and efficient portfolio management.


Columbia Threadneedle takes an active approach to fixed income, allocating assets dynamically between gilts and sterling denominated corporate bonds in response to prevailing market conditions.  In addition to the asset allocation process, the fund manager will aim to add value through industry, sector and individual bond selection, plus active yield curve and credit risk management.  The size of risk taken in each of these areas will reflect the managers’ conviction and the perceived probability of success.

Columbia Threadneedle embrace a collegiate approach and the portfolio managers will draw upon the expertise and resources of various areas of Columbia Threadneedle’s investment team.  The Columbia Threadneedle Macro Bond team will provide the key inputs for the fund’s duration and yield curve positions, as well as an assessment of the economic background.  The Asset Allocation team provides the context for off-benchmark positions.  Lastly the output of the Investment Grade Corporate Bond team’s process will be the key driver for sector, rating and individual corporate bond selection.  This process embraces qualitative assessment of the investment outlook and structural background relative to measured market valuations. 

The fund managers, Alasdair Ross and and Ryan Staszewski, are responsible for fund construction and constructing the portfolio.