Scheme of Arrangement 2019

Omnis Investments has reorganised a small number of its funds, through what is known as a Scheme of Arrangement.  This Corporate Action was approved at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 22nd July 2019 and the change will take effect from 24th August 2019.

The Shareholder Circular explains the changes.

Implementation of the Omnis Funds Reorganisation

Omnis Investments Limited (“Omnis”), as Authorised Corporate Director of the Omnis Portfolio Investments ICVC, hereby confirms that the resolution proposed at the Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) on 22nd July 2019 to transfer assets from Existing Omnis Funds to new Target Omnis Funds, was approved by Shareholders and became effective on 24th August 2019.
Shareholders have received shares in the Target Funds in place of each share that was held in the Existing Funds, as detailed within the Shareholder Circular.  Shares in the new Funds were applied in the following way:Conversion Prices
As part of the calculation of the conversion rates, the estimated distributions (payable in October 2019) were stripped from the prices of the Existing Funds.  The prices used in the conversion calculations and the estimated distribution rates were as follows:* Subject to Audit.
All Target Funds were launched with a launch price of £1.00 per share.