Market Update: US and China to resume trade talks

Market Update: US and China to resume trade talks

1st July 2019


Trade: Trump meets Xi at G20 summit

  • Equity markets rallied when they opened this morning after US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping agreed to resume trade talks at their meeting at the G20 summit on Saturday;  
  • President Trump pledged not to impose any further tariffs on Chinese goods during negotiations and said US companies could continue to do business with Chinese tech group Huawei.
  • Omnis view: Tensions appear to have eased, which the markets will welcome. However, there were no concrete outcomes from the meeting, and President Trump later tweeted that he was ‘in no rush’ to conclude a trade deal. 

Bulletin - 010719

FTSE 100 reacts to resumption of trade talks (source:


Economic data

  • Monday- EU unemployment rate for May;
  • Wednesday- US imports, exports and balance of trade in May;
  • Friday- US non-farm payrolls and earnings in June.

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