Omnis market review

Omnis market review

21st December 2018

2018: The year that was

Volatility returned

  • Asset prices have risen and volatility has fallen since the 2008 financial crisis due to record low interest rates and plentiful liquidity provided by quantitative easing;
  • In 2018, these effects started to reverse;
  • Volatility came back as interest rates increased and quantitative easing turned into quantitative tightening;
  • However, it is worth remembering that volatility creates opportunities as prices adjust too far.

The post-crisis expansion continued

  • The period of economic expansion since the global financial crisis has been long but not steep;
  • Recoveries from previous recessions have been stronger but short-lived.

The recovery has been slow

The synchronised global expansion of 2017 ended

  • The US economy led, fuelled by US President Donald Trump’s ‘sugar rush’ policies which lowered taxes and resulted in the repatriation of foreign earnings;
  • Elsewhere in the world, growth slowed but remained at healthy levels. 

The US dollar recovered against other major currencies

  • Stronger economic growth, rising domestic interest rates and the flow of money from emerging markets (EMs) to the US supported the greenback.

Labour markets did not behave as expected

  • Tighter labour markets were meant to fuel inflation and boost inflationary prospects;
  • However, inflation has remained largely contained, and the yield curve has flattened instead of steepened as many predicted.

US markets went from overvalued to reasonably priced

  • We entered 2018 with the US market seemingly overvalued but we end the year with the US trading at its average long-term valuation following a fall in the 4th Quarter and due to good earnings numbers pulled valuations down to reasonable levels. 

Global forward PE ratio

Source: JPM Guide to the market

Emerging markets (EMs) struggled

  • We still believe EMs represent a promising long-term opportunity;
  • Developed nations are ageing and have consumed;
  • In contrast, many EMs have young populations which are keen to consume;
  • EMs should experience better long-term growth rates as a result, although the path could be uneven (as we have seen in 2018).


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