Meet the manager: Colin Morton, Omnis UK Equity Fund

Meet the manager: Colin Morton, Omnis UK Equity Fund

12th June 2018

The highly experienced manager, part of the six-strong UK fund manager team at Franklin Templeton Investments’ Leeds office, took over management of the £1bn fund on Monday (11 June).

In our video interview, he explains the benefits of this team approach with managers’ responsibilities split between different parts of the UK market, from smaller companies all the way up to giant multinational blue chips. A strength of the team, aside from the fact that they have all worked together for a long time, is that they all sit close to each other and know their roles.  

“In this day and age, with the way the stock market is in terms of volatility and speed of movement, the idea that you can have these short lines of communication and make quick decisions is very important,” he says.

“Our philosophy is trying to find good quality businesses, which are well financed. Companies which haven’t got lots of debt on the balance sheet, or one-offs that may distort the overall value.

“We are also trying to find companies which are self-sufficient. They don’t have to keep borrowing money or coming back to the stock market for more money, they are able to generate their own cash flow in order to grow the business. Of course, we are looking to do all of this and not pay silly valuations for companies.”

Morton is supported on the Omnis UK Equity Fund by portfolio managers Paul Spencer, Richard Bullas and Ben Russon. Dan Green and Mark Hall make up the full team.

You can see the full video below:

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