Omnis fund manager video updates for Q4 2017: Part 4

Omnis fund manager video updates for Q4 2017: Part 4

24th January 2018

Our fourth, and final, set of fourth quarter video updates for 2017, covers the Omnis UK Equity and Omnis Multi-Asset Income Funds, as well as the Omni Managed range.

A view on the domestic market is given by David Docherty of Schroders, manager of the Omnis UK Equity Fund. He talks Gary Shepherd through a strong backdrop for UK equities in the last three months of 2017, with the market buoyed by progress in Brexit talks. Looking ahead, he believes this could boost the confidence of UK-listed companies, which would have a knock-on positive impact on the economy.

Taking a broad investment perspective is Paul Flood of Newton, part of BNY Mellon, and manager of the Omnis Multi-Asset Income Fund. He explains how the fund’s investments in alternatives, such as renewable energy and infrastructure, have delivered robust returns given the level of inflation-linked revenue streams.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments runs the Omnis Managed range, including Cautious, Balanced and Adventurous funds. Manager Alex Lyle explains how the funds continue to favour equities over other asset classes, with a preference for Japan, Asia Pacific and European markets.

We hope that you find the videos interesting and informative. However, please remember that these reflect the views of each managers held at the time of recording and that these can and will, change over time.