Omnis fund manager video updates for Q4 2017: Part 1

Omnis fund manager video updates for Q4 2017: Part 1

12th January 2018

In the first part of our quarterly video updates, the managers of the Omnis US Equity, Omnis Income & Growth, Omnis Alternative Strategies and Omnis Multi-Manager funds, give us their latest views.

Jeff Rottinghaus of T. Rowe Price has been manager of the Omnis US Equity Fund since August 2017. He explains how he has cut down the number of stock holdings in the fund, from around 65 to 55, to focus on the highest-conviction ideas, brought to him by T. Rowe’s pool of over 100 analysts. Recent changes include a cut in the allocation to technology stocks, with more money going in to financials stocks, such as banks.


Neil Woodford of Woodford Investment Management, talks us through his experiences managing the Omnis Income & Growth Fund. He outlines his belief that the UK stock market has become very narrow in its focus, with the stocks that have been leading the rally tending to be some of the largest and most-followed names in the country. However, Neil is more excited about some smaller companies, on cheaper valuations, which he believes international investors are ignoring.


Oliver Wallin, investment director at Octopus Investments, updates us on the Omnis Multi-Manager funds, Cautious, Balanced and Adventurous. The funds benefitted as equities finished the year positively, and the team is optimistic of a solid platform for further growth in risk assets in the coming months while at the same time emphasising the need for “watchful caution” this year.


Wallin also gives us a run through the Omnis Alternative Strategies Fund, which is a great diversifier should mainstream asset classes such as equities and bonds take a turn from the worst. He talks about a new position in the fund that is designed to take advantage of future volatility in markets, while also outlining how the team trimmed the portfolio’s currency and bond risk in December.


We hope that you find the videos interesting and informative. However, please remember that these reflect the views of each managers held at the time of recording and that these can and will, change over time.